Love Shayari by Hasrat Mohani – Chupke Chupke Raat Din Aansu Bahana Yaad Hai

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About Hasrat Mohani

He was born in 1878 as Syed Fazl-ul-Hasan at Mohan, a town in the Unnao district of United Provinces in British India. Hasrat was his pen name (takhallus) that he used in his Urdu poetry whereas his last name ‘Mohani’ refers to Mohan, his birthplace.

His ancestors migrated from Nishapur, in Iran.

Hasrat Mohani championed the freedom struggle. He also wrote verses expressing deep love for Krishna,[8] and often went to Mathura to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami.

He studied at Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental College which later became Aligarh Muslim University, where some of his colleagues were Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar and Maulana Shaukat Ali. His teachers in poetry were Tasleem Lucknawi and Naseem Dehlvi. To honor him, Aligarh Muslim University has a hostel named after him.

Mohani participated in the struggle for Indian Independence (end of British Raj); and was jailed in 1903 for many years by British authorities. At that time political prisoners were treated like common criminals and forced to do manual labor.

In 1904, he joined the Indian National Congress Party. He was the first person in Indian History who demanded ‘Complete Independence’ (Azadi-e-Kaamil) in 1921 as he presided over an annual session of All-India Muslim League. In December 1929, his campaign for ‘complete independence’ resulted in the shape of Indian National Congress session in Lahore.

After complete independence from the British rule, Maulana Hasrat Mohani wanted a confederal set up on the pattern of Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR). He wanted to see a confederal constitution in India after freedom from the British rule. His proposal had six federations: 1. East Pakistan; 2. West Pakistan; 3. Central India; 4. South-eastern India; 5. South-western India; and 6. Hyderabad Deccan.

Maulana Hasrat Mohani died on 13 May 1951 in Lucknow, India.

Hasrat Mohani Memorial Society was founded by Maulana Nusrat Mohani in 1951. In Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan, Hasrat Mohani Memorial Library and Hall Trust, Karachi have been established by Hasrat Mohani Memorial Society. Every year, on his death anniversary, a memorial meeting is conducted by this Trust as well as many other organisations in India and Pakistan.Also Hasrat Mohani Colony, at Korangi Town in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan, was named after Maulana Hasrat Mohani. A famous road is named after him in the financial hub of Karachi.

There is a Street Named Maulana Hasrat Mohani in Kadar Palace, Mumbra, Dist: Thane, Maharashtra.

Maulana Hasrat Mohani Hospital is situated in Chamanganj, Kanpur. There is also a road named Maulana Hasrat Mohani Street in Kanpur. Maulana Hasrat Mohani Gallery is situated at Bithoor Museum.


Hasrat Mohani Memorial Girls’ Higher Secondary School in Metiabruz, Kolkata, India, is named after him.[citation needed] A hostel in Aligarh Muslim University is also named after him.

Source: Wikipedia

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Love Shayari

aaj tak nazroñ meñ hai vo sohbat-e-rāz-o-niyāz

apnā jaanā yaad hai terā bulānā yaad hai 

Love Shayari

dopahar dhuup meñ mere bulāne ke liye

vo tirā koThe pe nañge paañv aanā yaad hai 

Love Shayari

aa gayā gar vasl shab bhī kahīñ zikr-e-firāq

vo tirā ro ro ke mujh ko bhī rulānā yaad hai 

Love Shayari

ġhair nazroñ se bach kar sab marzī ke ḳhilāf

vo tirā chorī-chhupe rātoñ ko aanā yaad hai 

Love Shayari

jab sivā mere tumhārā koī dīvāna na thā

sach kaho kuchh tum ko bhī vo kār-ḳhānā yaad hai 

Love Shayari

tujh ko jab tanhā kabhī paanā to az-rāh-e-lihāz

hāl-e-dil bātoñ bātoñ meñ jatānā yaad hai 

Love Shayari

jaan kar sotā tujhe vo qasd-e-pā-bosī mirā

aur tirā Thukrā ke sar vo muskurānā yaad hai 

Love Shayari

khīñch lenā vo mirā parde konā daf.atan

aur dupaTTe se tirā vo muñh chhupānā yaad hai 

Hasrat Mohani

tujh se kuchh milte vo bebāk ho jaanā mirā

aur tirā dāñtoñ meñ vo uñglī dabānā yaad hai 

Hasrat Mohani

baar baar uThnā usī jānib nigāh-e-shauq

aur tirā ġhurfe se vo āñkheñ laḌānā yaad hai 

Hasrat Mohani

bā-hazārāñ iztirāb o sad-hazārāñ ishtiyāq

tujh se vo pahle-pahal dil lagānā yaad hai 

Hasrat Mohani

chupke chupke raat din aañsū bahānā yaad hai

ham ko ab tak āshiqī vo zamānā yaad hai

Love Shayari

mīThī mīThī chheḌ kar bāteñ nirālī pyaar

zikr dushman vo bātoñ meñ uḌānā yaad hai

Love Shayari

bāvajūd-e-iddi.ā-e-ittiqā ‘hasrat’ mujhe

aaj tak ahd-e-havas vo fasānā yaad hai

Love Shayari

shauq meñ mehñdī ke vo be-dast-o-pā honā tirā

aur mirā vo chheḌnā vo gudgudānā yaad hai

Love Shayari

chorī chorī ham se tum aa kar mile the jis jagah

muddateñ guzrīñ par ab tak vo Thikānā yaad hai

Love Shayari

dekhnā mujh ko jo bargashta to sau sau naaz se

jab manā lenā to phir ḳhud ruuTh jaanā yaad hai

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